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How to choose the right size when buying clothes online?

You buy more and more products online, but when it comes to clothing items, do you hesitate to place your order because you are afraid of failing with the sizes? Every person who goes shopping online has at least once made the wrong size of the clothes they have chosen.

Online shopping is the best alternative for busy people, according to BritainReviews. Why wander the shops all day, try in small booths, get home tired, and can no longer enjoy the products purchased, when everything can be done from your favorite chair, in front of the computer in just a few minutes.

How to choose the right size when buying clothes online?

Online you can find a multitude of models at affordable prices, they all catch your eye and you would like to have them but it is a problem … they do not differ only in design and material, the same size differs from one manufacturer to another. It is also useful to check sustainable fashion brands’ reviews.

Because we know how frustrating it is to order a product that you like and when you try it not to sit as you expected, we will try to present you with the most useful ways to choose the right size for your clothes.

Let’s take the case of blouses or T-shirts first. Choose from your wardrobe a blouse that fits perfectly, both in length and width, get a centimeter and measure yourself.

What do you need to measure?

  • First you will measure the length (from the base of the neck to the bottom), then the width between the shoulders (from the top seam of the right sleeve to that of the left sleeve), the width at the base of the blouse and finally the length of the sleeve armpit down).
  • Write down the dimensions obtained on a piece of paper and access the “size help” button to see which size is closest to your size.

In the case of pants, do the same, choose a pair of pants that fit you perfectly, take the centimeter and start measuring. First measure them at the top of the bat, then continue with the length on one leg and its width at the bottom and top, and finally the distance from the bat to the lap.

In the case of bags, backpacks, and wallets, depending on the purpose of purchase you probably need a certain size. To avoid the situation in which you will order a product of this kind for a certain activity and it turns out to be smaller or larger than what you needed, it is best to consult the size help, where you displayed the dimensions.

Even in the case of accessories, the size is difficult to choose. How many times has it happened to you to buy a cap and it will not fit you as you expected. Avoid such situations, measure your head circumference by one centimeter, and compare the dimensions with those displayed in the “size help” section. Do the same with all your accessories and the hat, fez, belt, or gloves, they will all fit you perfectly.

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